I mentioned earlier in my blog that my dentist was not a happy bunny when he discovered the amount of cake I made (and ate). My dentist had recommended a particular sonic toothbrush but I had trouble getting hold of that particular make. When I did find it online it was very expensive due to the fact that it was a European import. It was something like $200.

That was when I decided to investigate other options. I was delighted when I saw a facebook ad for a website called ToothbrushTech. The link was to a page which highlighted their recommended toothbrushes for 2015. What I liked about it was that they had narrowed it down to just five options which left me less to worry about. They had a choice for each category like sonic and features.

I did not know that there are toothbrushes that will connect to your smartphone and analyse your brushing effectiveness. I also liked the fact that they included a sonic toothbrush and water flosser unit. I hate flossing but know that doctors think it is really important so I thought that was a great addition to the list.

Toothbrush Tech also had another page just dedicated to budget electric toothbrushes. I liked this because there were lots of brushes that will still clean your teeth really well but don’t have all the features of the premium models.

Personally my favorite toothbrush from the list was the Sonicare Diamondclean. They have just released a new purple color model that they call Amethyst. I know you shouldn’t buy a product like a toothbrush based on what it looks like, but this thing is a work of art. Definitely on my wish list this Christmas.


Overall I found this to be a helpful website so would give it 9 out of 10. The information was great but I think some aesthetic touches like a funky logo would improve it.