Cake = Unhappy Dentist :-(

I have to confess that I do have a sweet tooth. I love all the recipes on this site and have tried each one at least once (sometimes a lot more than once!) Who doesn’t love a nice cake though. There is the way they look, the smell, the texture, the taste. Mmmm cake. OK before I turn into Homer Simpson, let me get to the point that I am meant to be making.

My dentist does not like cake. To be more specific, he thinks my teeth do not like cake. After a major telling off and some very thorough cleaning from the dental hygienist I was told that I was very lucky not to have any major cavities. That was when both the hygienist and the dentist recommended that I switch to an electric toothbrush and focus on cleaning my teeth at least twice a day for the recommended time of two minutes.

My dental office recommended the colgate proclinical a1500 electric toothbrush. It has new fancy technology that alters the speed and intensity of the brushing based on how you hold the toothbrush. I could spend hours trying to explain it to you so instead here is a video.


One of the other good reasons to invest in a sonic toothbrush is the built in timer which takes the guesswork out of knowing how long you should brush for. I could use a watch I suppose but that takes effort. Now all I have to do is turn the toothbrush on, place it in my mouth and move it around. When I have done my time the brush stops. Job done.

Right , Mr Dentist, now that I am looking after my teeth can I go back to cake recipes now please.