Low Fat Frying on a budget

Generally speaking deep fat fried chips plus dieting do not go together! However, since Tefal came out with the first low fat fryer that statement is not necessarily true anymore. Now you can get great tasting chips without the large quantity of fat.

Whilst the Actifry is great it is rather expensive for some people. We quite like the Duronic af1 which is a cheaper alternative but also excellent. Check out this Duronic low fat fryer review to see what we mean.


As you can see the Duronic looks very similar to the Philips Air Fryer and does a similar thing but is about $30 cheaper. They are also a British company and the reviews online are mostly positive.

These low fat fryers are fantastic if you love deep fried chips but you want to reduce your fat intake. There is much debate about the taste of chips cooked in these low carb frying machines compared to the deep fat versions. The general conclusion is that deep fat taste better but the low fat ones are also nice and also far less greasy.

If you were just buying one of these kitchen tools just to cook chips I would tell you that you are crazy! There are lots of things that you can do with them, even some of the recipes on this website!