When it comes to investing in cookware there are a number of issues that people need to consider including weight, quality, how well it cooks, how heavy it is and how effective it is on your particular cooker. For example induction cookers require compatible saucepans. You can do a simple test with a magnet if you are not sure. Another thing to consider that a lot of people forget to do is storage space. In other words how much space will the saucepans and frying pans take up?

You can buy some fantastic cookware but if it does not fit into your kitchen then you are stuffed! That is why we like the ingenio set with removable handles. You can easily stack it and it takes up considerably less space than other cookware. To find out more about it go to this induction review of Tefal Ingenio.


A lot of people who have bought Ingenio saucepans rave about them and recommend them to their friends. At summer time Tefal have been known to bring out a special set specifically designed for camping which are fantastic for those of you who love camping or are spending some time at festivals. It can cost you a fortune to constantly have to buy food so cooking it yourself saves money and tastes better too. You have no idea where some of the ingredients comes from in some of the lesser known festivals and feasting on junk food for any length of time can make you feel very ill indeed.

These saucepans are ideal for cooking some of the dutch based recipes that you find on this website.