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Top Toothbrushes of the Year



I mentioned earlier in my blog that my dentist was not a happy bunny when he discovered the amount of cake I made (and ate). My dentist had recommended a particular sonic toothbrush but I had trouble getting hold of that particular make. When I did find it online it was very expensive due to the fact that it was a European import. It was something like $200.

That was when I decided to investigate other options. I was delighted when I saw a facebook ad for a website called ToothbrushTech. The link was to a page which highlighted their recommended toothbrushes for 2015. What I liked about it was that they had narrowed it down to just five options which left me less to worry about. They had a choice for each category like sonic and features.

I did not know that there are toothbrushes that will connect to your smartphone and analyse your brushing effectiveness. I also liked the fact that they included a sonic toothbrush and water flosser unit. I hate flossing but know that doctors think it is really important so I thought that was a great addition to the list.

Toothbrush Tech also had another page just dedicated to budget electric toothbrushes. I liked this because there were lots of brushes that will still clean your teeth really well but don’t have all the features of the premium models.

Personally my favorite toothbrush from the list was the Sonicare Diamondclean. They have just released a new purple color model that they call Amethyst. I know you shouldn’t buy a product like a toothbrush based on what it looks like, but this thing is a work of art. Definitely on my wish list this Christmas.


Overall I found this to be a helpful website so would give it 9 out of 10. The information was great but I think some aesthetic touches like a funky logo would improve it.

dutch low fat frying machines

Low Fat Frying on a budget

Generally speaking deep fat fried chips plus dieting do not go together! However, since Tefal came out with the first low fat fryer that statement is not necessarily true anymore. Now you can get great tasting chips without the large quantity of fat.

Whilst the Actifry is great it is rather expensive for some people. We quite like the Duronic af1 which is a cheaper alternative but also excellent. Check out this Duronic low fat fryer review to see what we mean.


As you can see the Duronic looks very similar to the Philips Air Fryer and does a similar thing but is about $30 cheaper. They are also a British company and the reviews online are mostly positive.

These low fat fryers are fantastic if you love deep fried chips but you want to reduce your fat intake. There is much debate about the taste of chips cooked in these low carb frying machines compared to the deep fat versions. The general conclusion is that deep fat taste better but the low fat ones are also nice and also far less greasy.

If you were just buying one of these kitchen tools just to cook chips I would tell you that you are crazy! There are lots of things that you can do with them, even some of the recipes on this website!

dutch teeth

Cake = Unhappy Dentist :-(

I have to confess that I do have a sweet tooth. I love all the recipes on this site and have tried each one at least once (sometimes a lot more than once!) Who doesn’t love a nice cake though. There is the way they look, the smell, the texture, the taste. Mmmm cake. OK before I turn into Homer Simpson, let me get to the point that I am meant to be making.

My dentist does not like cake. To be more specific, he thinks my teeth do not like cake. After a major telling off and some very thorough cleaning from the dental hygienist I was told that I was very lucky not to have any major cavities. That was when both the hygienist and the dentist recommended that I switch to an electric toothbrush and focus on cleaning my teeth at least twice a day for the recommended time of two minutes.

My dental office recommended the colgate proclinical a1500 electric toothbrush. It has new fancy technology that alters the speed and intensity of the brushing based on how you hold the toothbrush. I could spend hours trying to explain it to you so instead here is a video.


One of the other good reasons to invest in a sonic toothbrush is the built in timer which takes the guesswork out of knowing how long you should brush for. I could use a watch I suppose but that takes effort. Now all I have to do is turn the toothbrush on, place it in my mouth and move it around. When I have done my time the brush stops. Job done.

Right , Mr Dentist, now that I am looking after my teeth can I go back to cake recipes now please.

dutch tefal ingenio


When it comes to investing in cookware there are a number of issues that people need to consider including weight, quality, how well it cooks, how heavy it is and how effective it is on your particular cooker. For example induction cookers require compatible saucepans. You can do a simple test with a magnet if you are not sure. Another thing to consider that a lot of people forget to do is storage space. In other words how much space will the saucepans and frying pans take up?

You can buy some fantastic cookware but if it does not fit into your kitchen then you are stuffed! That is why we like the ingenio set with removable handles. You can easily stack it and it takes up considerably less space than other cookware. To find out more about it go to this induction review of Tefal Ingenio.


A lot of people who have bought Ingenio saucepans rave about them and recommend them to their friends. At summer time Tefal have been known to bring out a special set specifically designed for camping which are fantastic for those of you who love camping or are spending some time at festivals. It can cost you a fortune to constantly have to buy food so cooking it yourself saves money and tastes better too. You have no idea where some of the ingredients comes from in some of the lesser known festivals and feasting on junk food for any length of time can make you feel very ill indeed.

These saucepans are ideal for cooking some of the dutch based recipes that you find on this website.

White chocolate cheesecake with a Bastogne crust

White chocolate cheesecake with a Bastogne crust

This recipe was 'invented' by a very close friend of mine. She is an amazing baker! It's a delicious white chocolate cheesecake with a touch of Dutch: the crust is made with Bastogne cookies!




450g soft cream cheese
4 large free-range eggs
1 vanilla pod
225g white chocolate (good quality)
225g creme fraiche

for the crust:
200g Dutch Bastogne cookies
100g melted butter



First, prepare the tin, I used non-stick baking paper. I also covered the sides of the tin with the baking paper (tip: grease the sides with butter first, the baking paper will now stick to the sides).

Next, crush the cookies in a bag by beating it with a rolling pin or something else heavy. Crush them until fine and mix them in a bowl together with the melted butter. Now you can cover the base of the tin with the cookies and butter mixture, press down firmly.

You can work the crust up a bit at the sides. Put the tin in the refrigerator while you make the chocolate and cream cheese mixture.

Preheat the oven to 150C/300F/gas 2. Next, melt the white chocolate in a bowl set over a pan of simmering water. While that is melting, beat the cream cheese in another bowl until soft.

Add the scraped seeds from the vanilla pod along with the eggs one by one. Beat each egg in for a few seconds, before adding the next egg.

Your white chocolate should be melted by now, You can take it of the pan and fold in the creme fraiche until smooth. You should get a sort of yellowy like liquid mixture. Now you can add the chocolate mixture to the cream cheese mixture by folding it in gently.

Take the tin out of the refrigerator and pour in the chocolate cream cheese mixture, bang down on a firm surface to remove any air bubbles. Put it in the oven for 45 minutes to an hour, the sides should be firm and the centre should be wobbly.

(extra tip: put some baking paper onto your oven rack, this keeps your oven nice and clean).

Allow the cheesecake to cool before placing it in the refrigerator; the wobbly centre will set while it cools. Enjoy!